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Lending money to contractors building homes, it’s a big commitment. You need to know that your investment will be safe and secure. That’s where we come in. We provide construction loan appraisal services that can minimize collateral risk.

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At William Cook Appraisal Service, Inc., we’re an independent third-party appraisal company based in Jacksonville, FL, proudly serving nearby counties. Our primary goal is to help lenders like you make informed decisions about your lending practices while protecting their investments in the process. That’s why we offer construction loan appraisal services that help you make smart decisions about your lending practices and ensure your investments are protected.

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Why Get an Appraisal for a Construction Loan?

A lender’s appraisal of a property under construction is a critical part of the lending process. This takes place before the project begins and is required. A home appraisal ensures that the value of the project is sufficient to secure a loan based on its current state and projected finish date.

Here are some key points to understand how these appraisals work:

  • An independent third party with no ties to the borrower or lender performs the construction loan appraisal.
  • They’re performed at various stages of construction and completed before closing on the loan.
  • Our appraisers consider factors like comparable sales in the area, square footage compared with similar properties, and other factors that affect home value in their estimates.

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When you have a construction loan appraisal conducted by us, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a complete report on the property’s value. This includes information about potential risks or issues impacting its value down the line. Contact us today and schedule your next home appraisal in Jacksonville, FL, or the surrounding areas.

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